Friday, March 7, 2014

Liz Vice: There's a Light, album review by Kirk

Do you ever hear a recording that makes you want to run out into the streets, start shouting or grabbing folks by the collar and say... MAN, WOMAN, you gotta hear this.


Artist: Liz Vice
Album: There is a Light
Genre: Gospel, Old School R&B with just a touch of hipster...

I am only in my very first listen, and I can already hear a gospel masterpiece, the kind of recording I want to live in, love in, and delight in God in.

Now here is the trick.  I cannot really tell you that much about Liz.  I never heard of the women before twenty minutes ago...

Nor am I gonna spend a whole lot of time describing the music.  Because, well - it's just perfect, AND
You can hear the whole album and even download it from Noise Trade absolutely free.

As for me.  I recommend the free Listen, then the Tip Jar.  and a big tip at that.

So, what grabs me.

1) approach to the music.  Motown vibe. Opening strains are structurally like something by Al Green. Simply beautiful musical "restraint" throughout.  Love the lean trippy organ.

2) Voice.   Raspy, real.   I would  use the term '"sultry" but I don't want any of those connotations.  Make that Smoky... and well SOULful....(I am not gonna embarrass myself with any direct comparisons, cause well,  I don't know my female black Gospel singers like I should, though I did hear one song that had a very ..... Roberta Flack melodic line.  Oh, and Pink.  I actually heard Pink.

3) Content.   Its part of the terrain.  Anyone can sing gospel.  Even folks who aren't really given to the GOSPEL persay.   But this album rings true.  I hear a woman deeply in love with the Lord.  It is is written all over it.  Affection, Humility, desperation, Love.

4)  Augustine.   I think the woman has read Augustine.  "How can I contain you - when you contain all things.."

Ps.   Liz is with an Artistic Collective "Deeper Well."  Find out more here. 

I will probably polish this up later, but I wanted to get this in your ear.

Check out the Video:

or this, a single track on Youtube:

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