Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mo Leverett: Kings Road Album Review.

Mo Leverett
Album: King’s Road
Release April 23, 2013

Genre: Singer songwriter,  guitar based folk with a southern accent. 

Quick Spin:  Velveteen troubadour and gypsy tour-guide, Mo Leveret, takes us on a road trip through Dixieworld to the Celestial City, with a stop at a ‘tavern,’ a glade, and an altar on the way, enjoining us to glory in our weakness as we fall into those Mighty arms. Or something like that.

So Here I am… cruising around in the car listening to Mo’s newest release.  I have expectations for this album that I will reveal in a bit….but for now, I am smiling, tapping my foot and taking in the warmth, the production, Mo’s curmudgeonly-growl,  tempered by cheer. 

Yes! this is  the better news I was longing to hear.  I am smiling and emoting.   If these are the blues, I wan’t em.  Track 11 wets my eyes.  Good tears.  Then I hit track 12.

Whoa…..I must pull over my car.  Stop.