Monday, December 20, 2010

Christine Dente: Voyage

Album/CD review

Christine Dente
and Out of the Grey: “Voyage”

(This appears to have been released December 2009, but I was only recently made aware of it through Facebook.)

Quick Spin:

Beautiful balladesque techno-pop (with big-piano and hints of jazz) by one of gospel music’s premier vocalists, anchored in an uncommon source…the poems and prayers of the Puritans. Christine penned these songs while interacting with the book “The Valley of Vision; A collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions.” Dente’s verse is a blend of adaptation and direct quote.

I’ll develop this theme deeper down, but the source material for this album is what makes it utterly distinctive, truly ear-worthy, and even slightly ironic – in a good way.

Highly recommended. (I have already loaned my disk to coworkers.) Ends too soon.

(Sorry, couldn't find any better existing art.)