Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Joanna Newsom: Have One on Me.

It probably isn’t much of review to say: Read this review (Paste Magazine), but I am listening to the NPR temporary “free-listen” of Joanna Newsom's new release "Have One on Me" and am kind of blown away by her and the whole process. Who ever heard of harp-based grunge-hyper femme folk? Sure, it sounds like a kind of two hour mono-song experimental car sing*.. with chamber orchestra (the kind of stuff you sing when you are driving alone in your car.), but the textures, ad lib, audio dallies, and poetry are like the ramblings of wonder drunk faire. I wonder how much of it written down, and how much she is just singing as she goes?   I don't know much about her, or those things that push her heart, but am her newest fan.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Phil Keaggy/Randy Stonehill: Mystery Highway (Review)

Phil Keaggy/ Randy Stonehill, Mystery Highway
(or, Sunday’s Child Part 2)

(This came out in June 2009, but I just found it.)

Rowdy fun-loving Jesus rock, with heavy nods to the Beatles, Cream, rockabilly, Bob D, and the blues.

Warning: do not listen to this disk if you would avoid catchy galloping-guitar tunes playing the repeat cycle in your head. "Riding Backwards on her Bike" has cut a permanent groove between my ears and into my kid-like psychedelic soul.