Saturday, February 1, 2014

the Hopeless Romantic


I am creating a list of the top 100 songs in the history of the universe.  (which of course, means... the most important songs to me.)   One of my subcategories is love songs.  These are my current selections.

So, what would be yours?

the Hopeless Romantic

I just want to Waltz with You:  Jan Krist.

Tonight: From the West Side Story (first heard performed by Booker T Washington Rep theater)

In the Garden of of Ein Gedi: Andrew Rose Gregor and the Color Red Band.

Canticle for the Bride: John Michael Talbot: For the Bride

No One But You: Mark Heard; Eye of the Storm

Georgia Moon: Pierce Pettis

With you I am Born Again:  Billy Preston and Syretta Wright

On the Street Where You Live:  From the Musical, My Fair Lady.

Without You: Crash Dog  (I suspect this may be an acquired taste.)

It's Me: Sara Groves:  Fireflies and Songs.  (cause its not all peaches and cream.)

Married to You: Mo Leverett  (I could not find my favorite Mo Leverett Love song, but this runs close second.)

Still in Love with You;  Al Green

Song of Songs: Pierce Pettis (See if this song doesn't make you seep into the Earth like a puddle.)

Mercy of the Flame:  Pat Terry (Mark Heard)  Orphans of God.    And what a mercy it is.


And for those over 50....

Our Night to Howl - Lets go Dancing.    (Daniel Amos)

OOps.  ONE MORE.   A song we borrowed and applied to our wedding.  Only we didn't call it Thigpen's Wedding.  Cause we weren't the Thigpens.  By Kemper Crabb.   One of the greatest love songs ever written or recorded:!/profile/Kemper+Crabb/22535334


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